Pharmacists As Effective Healthcare Team Members

role of pharmacist
To be effective health care team members, pharmacists need skills and attitudes enabling them to assume many different functions. According to WHO, Pharmacists are meant to cover these roles:
  • Caregiver
  • Decision-maker
  • Communicator
  • Manager
  • Life-long Learner
  • Teacher
  • Leader
The roles of the pharmacist are described below and include the following functions:

Caregiver: Pharmacists provide caring services. They must view their practice as integrated and continuous with those of the health care system and other health professionals.

Decision-maker: The appropriate, efficacious, safe and cost-effective use of resources (e.g., personnel, medicines, chemicals, equipment, procedures, practices) should be the foundation of the pharmacist’s work. At the local and national levels, pharmacists play a role in setting medicines policy.

Communicator: The pharmacist is in an ideal position to provide a link between prescriber and patient, and to communicate information on health and medicines to the public.
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