Role of Pharmacist Being the Part of Healthcare Team

The health care team consists of the patient and all the health care professionals who have responsibility for patient care. This team needs to be well defined, and collaboration needs to be actively sought.

Pharmacists have an important role to play in this team. They will need to adapt their knowledge, skills and attitudes to this new role, which integrates traditionalpharmaceutical science with clinical aspects of patient care, clinical skills, management and communication skills, active collaboration with medical teams and solving of medicine-related problems.

If they are to be recognized as full members of the health care team, pharmacists will need to adopt the essential attitudes required by health professionals working in this area: visibility, responsibility, accessibility in a practice aimed at the general population, commitment to confidentiality and patient orientation. Pharmacists will need to be competent and possessboth vision and a voice to fully integrate themselves into the health care team.

Although the number of pharmaceutical products on the market is increasing, access to essential medicines is still lacking in many parts of the world. Rising health care costs and changing social, technological, economic and political environments have made health care reforms necessary throughout the world.

New approaches are needed at individual and at population level to provide safe and effective pharmacotherapy to patients in an ever more complex environment.

Pharmacists are in an excellent position to meet the need for professionals to assure the safe and effective use of medicines. To do so, pharmacists must assume greater responsibility than they currently do for the management of drug therapies for the patients they serve.

This responsibility goes well beyond the traditional dispensing activities that have long been the mainstay of pharmacy practice. While supervision of the routine medicines distribution process must remain the responsibility of pharmacists, their direct involvement in medicine distribution will decrease, since these routine activities will be handled by qualified pharmacy assistants.

However, the number of supervisory activities will increase. Thus, pharmacists’ responsibilities must be expanded to include monitoring therapeutic progress, consulting with prescribers, and collaborating with other health care practitioners on behalf of patients. The movement towards pharmaceutical care is a critical factor in this process.

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