More to Pharmacist Being An Effective Healthcare Team Member

In my last Blog Post I had discussed only the first three roles a Pharmacist has as the effective HealthCare Team Member.

Those were:
  • Caregiver
  • Decision-maker
  • Communicator
The rest are:

  • Manager
  • Life-long Learner
  • Teacher
  • Leader
The roles of the pharmacist are described below and include the following functions:

Manager: Pharmacists must be able to manage resources (human, physical and financial) and information effectively; they must also be comfortable being managed by others, whether by an employer or the manager/leader of a health care team.

Life-long-learner: It is impossible to acquire in pharmacy school all the knowledge and experience needed to pursue a life-long career as a pharmacist. The concepts, principles and commitment to life-long learning must begin while attending pharmacy school and must be supported throughout the pharmacist’s career.

Teacher: The pharmacist has a responsibility to assist with the education and training of future generations of pharmacists and the public. Participating as a teacher not only imparts knowledge to others, it offers an opportunity for the practitioner to gain new knowledge and to fine-tune existing skills.

Leader: Leadership involves compassion and empathy as well as vision and the ability to make decisions, communicate, and manage effectively. A pharmacist whose leadership role is to be recognized must have vision and the ability to lead.

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