Find comprehensive doctors database at any global location or specialization

Are you looking for demographics of doctors with any particular specialization, or medical background based in a particular global location? Pharma Lists brings you comprehensive, complete and updated mailing list of doctors placed in any location - USA, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, China, or Canada. With Global Doctors Database you can get contact details and other extensive information for your healthcare marketing purposes.

You can avail customized list as per your choice or directly opt for the pre-packaged lists given below:

• Cardiologists List
• Anesthesiologists List
• Dermatologists List
• Oncologists List
• Emergency Medicine Specialists List
• General Surgeons List
• Neurologists List
• Psychiatrists List
• Urologists List
• Obstetrics & Pediatricians List
• Orthopedic Surgeons List
• Gynecologists List
• Diagnostic Radiologists List
• Ophthalmologists List
• Plastic Surgeons List
• Radiologists List
• Family Practitioners List
• Internist's List
• Dentist/Oral Surgeon's List
• General Physician List
• Nephrologists List
• Otolaryngologist List
• Pathologist List
• Pulmonologist List
• Radiologist List
• Surgeons List
• Rheumatologist List

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For your benefit the Global Doctor’s Lists are available key titles such as:

• Name
• Gender
• Mailing and Business Address
• Email Address
• Phone and Fax Numbers
• Specialty
• State of Licensure
• Medical School Attended
• Medical Group/Hospital Affiliation
• Meeting Quality and Cost Efficiency Standards
• Recognized by NCQA
• Past and Current Medical Records
• DEA number, UPIN number
• Doctor prescribing data and much more

The list is compatible for Email Marketing Campaign, Direct Mailing Campaign, Telemarketing Campaign and is updated after 3 months

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