How is Healthcare & Pharmacy Related to Each Other?

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Pharmacy practice does not take place in a vacuum, but in the health care environment. It aims to improve health. Health is a broad concept which can embody a wide range of meanings from technical to moral and philosophical. It is perhaps the most important human resource.

The most quoted definition of health was formulated in the Constitution of WHO in 1946. It is a positive definition which stresses well-being.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

There is no single definition that unifies the perceptions about health. Our understanding of it depends on the many different contexts in which life is lived and health is perceived. Health is a human right and access to health care, including essential medicines, is a derived right. Health is essential for sustainable economic and social development.

For example, in many parts of the world, the HIV/AIDS pandemic reduces economic achievements and national health outcomes. Health is thus a very precious resource.

Medicinal therapy is the most frequently used form of treatment intervention in any health practice setting. Its use has grown dramatically as the population has aged, the prevalence of chronic disease has increased, new infectious diseases have emerged and the range of effective medications has broadened. In addition, more and more so-called “life-style medicines” – treatments for ailments like baldness, dry skin, wrinkles or erectile dysfunction – are being marketed.

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