Well-known Pharmaceutical companies World-Wide

Given below are few of the names of well-known Pharmaceutical companies from all across the world that starts with the letter A:

  1. 3M Pharmaceuticals is part of 3M, a diversified global technology company based in the U.S. that produces pharmaceuticals as part of its health care business
  2. 3S Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. . Lahore Pakistan
  3. Altana Pharma AG, formerly part of Altana AG. Since January 1, 2007, Altana Pharma is part of the Nycomed Group
  4. Amico Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh
  5. Amgen, a top-20 pharmaceutical company based in the U.S
  6. Anavex Life Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of new drugs
  7. Apotex, a generic pharmaceutical company based in Toronto, Canada

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