3 Tactics to Let Your Pharmaceutical Mailing Database Grow

There is no single strategy that will provide meaningful list growth. To achieve successful list growth, you should employ multiple off-line and online strategies to pull new users for prospecting.

Often times, a pharmaceutical organization may have a comprehensive website but aren't fully leveraging the value of it. Incorporate the following tips to your existing website and see how you can get more opt-in with less effort.

Exchange Value for sign-up

Freebies like e- books, white papers act as powerful incentive to prompt more users to join your subscription. Juicy links of value and relevance to users (i.e. health information, news related to your health care industry, products or services) will encourage more sign-ups.

Display privacy policy

Write out a clear privacy policy with a link at a visible spot on your website. Convey the trust that you won't trade their email addresses to a third party. Display of privacy policy will induce more users to join your pharmaceutical mailing list.

Give clear exit route

Provide unsubscribe link at the footer of all your newsletters as this makes it easy for people to unsubscribe from your mailing. Such explicit links give credibility to your emails and assures subscribers an exit route.

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