Pharmaceutical Preparations Industry - Overview

The pharmaceutical preparations industry is one of the biggest verticals around the world. The industry has been on the up over the past few years. In U.S, the pharmaceutical preparations industry has shown a strong growth in exports at approximately 11% annual growth. In U.S, the industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing in-vivo diagnostic substances and pharmaceutical preparations (except biological) intended for internal and external consumption in dose forms, such as ampoules, tablets, capsules, vials, ointments, powders, solutions, and suspensions. The industry's revenue for the year 2008 was approximately $145.3 billion USD, with an estimated gross profit of 67.29%. Import was valued at $46.7 billion USD from 76 countries. The industry also exported $23.9 billion USD worth of merchandise to 191 countries. With Swine flu and other epidemics affecting normal life, this industry is one of the most looked upon industries today. With new medicines entering the market every day, the industry tries to reinvent constantly.

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