Oh! C'mon don't be a fake

Of course, when you write a copy of email message for your campaign or create a content for the landing page your sole goal is – to engage the visitors and compel them to register. However, what most of the marketers forget in hurry is – clarity in the message. You cannot take your prospects on ride by showing flowery things. The customer is too smart and too alert to judge between the real and the fake ones.

Following are some tips you can apply while writing that compelling piece of content.

Put your point in different ways: OK you want the recipient to register or take some positive action towards your sale. You have your product or service for sale, think why your target should buy it and what they miss if they don't. Now put this point in various ways through example, story, etc. And again mention it in the summary.

Also never forget to mention why anyone should buy your product. The customer today is sensitive towards each dollar they spend and before spending that they want a very convincing answer for WHY they should buy from you?

Allow them to imagine: Do what any persuasive writer does with the metaphors, similes, etc. Through your message take your prospects to a world where they can imagine, compare between you and other service providers. Where they can realize how you can turn the lady luck to their favor.

Tell 'em you really understand their pain: As a marketer you should not miss to catch your prospects emotion by telling how deep you feel their pain. Once realized that the recipient too can feel that long-living pain and gets uncomfortable tell them that you have a full-proof solution for this.

Providing testimonials, clients opinion, etc., is proof of what you provide and how your clients feel about you. This helps your prospect to trust you more and get ready to register for your products/services.

There are many other things which you might have experienced through your campaigns. Please free to mention through your comments. Thanks!

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